Private Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp Wall Group

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I want to welcome everyone of you to Dr Pearl-Lynn’s prophetic WhatsApp Group. Our purpose is to share inspirational words of faith, hope and love. We have created this group because you asked for it and only for Pearl-Lynn Banks Ministry related discussions and contents.

This group is exclusively for those who want a serious study of the prophetic ministry’s instruction. Since many people today belong to various WhatsApp groups, serious studies go unnoticed by a variety of posts. The group will therefore only post videos and transcripts of the Dr Pearl-Lynn’s teaching series.This WhatsApp group is useful for listening on the go and re-learning old class. If you are interested please join this group by clicking on Group link.

Please stick to the mission statement of Pearl-Lynn Banks Ministry. Irrelevant content does not belong here.

Guidelines for Whatsapp Group

Like every other group and gathering, there are rules wherever you go. Here are some salient rules that each one of us must follow while here.

  • Don’t argue over silly matters – this is not a battleground but a place of comfort.
  • Refrain from chatting with a single person as much as you can – switch onto a private chat if you want to have a talk with a particular person.
  • Please do not discuss any religious matter, as there are several schools of thoughts being followed by our members with due respects to all.
  • Don’t make fun of anyone.
  • This is not a dating group. Don’t solicit for friendship or for relationships.
  • Don’t comment awful things about an actor or a celebrity, a Church or a Pastor, a Country or her President
  • Don’t promote any organisation, political or non political in the group.
  • Refrain from posting unnecessary things as this group is meant to be a place to discuss and reflect on our content.
  • Actively participate in the group – Don’t completely ignore and don’t over-talk.

Social Circle