Birthing Eagles Academy

Welcome to Birthing Eagles Academy

This school started because of the God given mandate to birth Eagles,-To train prophets and Prophetic people about the operations of the gift of prophecy and the spirit of prophecy. Here, you can gain knowledge and receive an impartation to operate in the prophetic grace. Birthing Eagles Academy is not just for the five-fold minister, but also for anyone who desires to have a deeper understanding and revelation knowledge on how to see and function in the Spiritual realm. If you are ready to for this journey…   If you desire the prophetic, this is a school for you. If you need to refocus your prophetic sight, this is a school for you… If you need a stirring up of the prophetic wells in your belly, this is the school for you… Remember, knowledge is impartation.

Video Content

We provide video content to facilitate studies.

Study at Own pace

Flexible courses taken at your own pace.

Retaken Over and Over

Boundless accessibility to the course anytime

Study Materials

Study resources and explanatory notes accessibility

Ministry is a partnership and not a self seeking venture. Have a pure conscience towards all mortals. There is no strength weightier than good intentions. We are people of Love. #BirthingEagles

We are adding Birthing Eagles’ Academy courses and lessons regularly, so be sure to check back often for the latest updates. Courses/Topics include:



You will first and foremost learn all the foundational items that will guide you when moving in prophetic ministry.


You will practice in a safe environment with others and learn from prophetic coaches that are willing to journey with you at your pace.


You will naturally move in prophetic ministry and engage with God in an exciting and tangible way.