Event Category: Monthly Activity

You Must Know

Isaiah 33:6 says, and wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times. Be imparted with deep knowledge from God for your next level.


The purpose of the theme is to awaken you to compare, reissue, reprint and enforce God’s word for you in this realm of life.


Dunamis is a Greek word which is translated as “power”, “potential” or “ability”. As you participate, you will unleash the deposit of “Dunamis” inside you.


That which is sought for, when found brings rest to the seeker. This month we seek refuge in all ramifications of life through intensive prayer and prophecy.

The Art of War

Warfare is an art. Art demands skill, creativity, devotion, passion, attention to detail etc. Our purpose for this month is to equip you for victory.


The bible describes Stephen in Acts 6 verse 8 as a man full of faith and power and did great wonders among the people. What comes out of a man is as a result of what he is filled with. It is time to get filled.


Stages are a part of progression. Progression is one of life’s principles that cannot be ignored. If progress is a requirement for promotion, then one is accountable to “BECOMING”…

Road to Revival

If there is any better time for the world to experience revival through the power of the cross, that time is now. Revival starts with you.


As a child of God, you possess the qualities of the father to remold, recreate and to reconstruct. Follow us this month as we expose the mechanisms in the above theme.


Life sometimes presents itself with uncertainties, doubts, victories, strengths, moments, movements and events and these, If not maximized can leave one in a state of confusion. Therefore, it is our purpose this month to understand how to experience a life where dreams and aspirations are insured even in the midst of turmoil and raging storms. You are assured of insurance.