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About Dr Pearl-Lynn

The Founder, Birthing Eagles Global

Dr. Pearl-Lynn is a Prophet, Preacher, Author, Composer and Impact Coach who believes in living a Holy Ghost Positive life, enriched with the power of God’s word and constant fellowship with the Lord.

After giving her life to Christ at a young age, Dr. Pearl-Lynn is passionate about raising an army of a radical breed who are hungry for God and will go all out to walk in His perfect will, having a constant fellowship with him. She is devoted to Kingdom Advancement.

Prophet Pearl-Lynn is currently the President of Birthing Eagles Global and the CEO of Pearl-Lynn Banks Ministries. Pearl-Lynn Banks holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Publishing Studies from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, a Master of Philosophy Degree in Divinity and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Christian Theology from the American Bible University, Orlando Florida

Dr Pearl-Lynn A. Banks
Founder,  Birthing Eagles Global

As part of the mandate in raising a radical breed who are hungry for God, and also with the desire to see young people do well in every sphere of their lives, the Pearl-Lynn Banks Ministries holds programs for the youth to help build themselves in the area of career, relationship, education, finance, and many more. Her Birthing Eagles Services organized every last Saturday of the month has revealed the demonstrative power of God through in-depth insight from the preaching of the infallible word of God and accurate prophetic ministration with prophetic solution which has produced countless testimonies to the glory of God.

As an accomplished author Dr. Pearl-Lynn has over 15 books including Training  manuals that are in the Prophetic School also known as The Birthing Eagles Academy. He has been nicknamed The Prophet on Point, Eagle Mama and The Black Deborah because of the accuracy of prophesies she gives by God’s grace and through the help of the Holy Spirit. God has continued to use her to prophesy and preach the gospel at some of the largest congregations and gatherings.

As an ardent follower of Jesus, his teachings and his works, she believes that

God does not use a man or a woman. God uses anyone who is available.”

About Birthing Eagles Global

Birthing Eagles Global is manifesting on an ever-increasing number of sons and daughters around the world. Now, the task at hand is training and equipping those saints for the work of prophetic ministry.

Birthing Eagles Academy exists for those with a heart to train in the gift of prophecy, attendees will experience two powerful days of activation-based learning in a safe and relational environment. You’ll walk away with years worth of tools and ideas for equipping in the prophetic gifts and building a prophetic culture.

MISSION: To transform the lives of people, by revealing/equipping them to function in their right identity to dominate in every aspect of their lives.
VISION: Raising an army of a radical breed who are hungry for God and will go all out to walk in His perfect will.


Why Choose Our Institution

Faith boost & Impartation.

You will get a supernatural faith boost and spiritual impartation to dare more for Jesus and do exploits.

Get Answers

Our team will answer your questions concerning life, ministry and spiritual things. And there will be Q&A sessions with the speakers.

Untethered knowledge.

You’ll get revelatory bible teaching based on what God is doing at a time. The truth shall set you free.

Great Network

We have the network you need. Every year we host powerful speakers from around the globe to empower you.

Equipped for Ministry

We are equipping the students with the tools they need, to do the ministry they have been called to do.

Get Passion

We work passionately to set up the right atmosphere you need in order to minister in fire.

Our Objectives

We seek to transform the lives of many by revealing/equipping them to function in thier right identity that the manifestaation of the Holy Spirit will be evidenced in them. Our objectives include

  • To expose the works of the enemy and to introduce people to the light of Christ Jesus.
  • To bring solution to adversity in the lives of people which will cause them to triumph.
  • To bring deliverance, demonstrate the power of God with signs and wonders.
  • To place people at a certain realm in life so they begin to see life in a different perspective; the perspective

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